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●Program Objectives

Program Objectives

On July 17th, 2003, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced the results of its “COE Program for the 21st Century” application screening for the fiscal year 2003. Concerning the applications from Hitotsubashi University, three programs related to the social sciences, including the Management and Accounting faculties' core initiative, "Dynamics of Knowledge, Corporate Systems and Innovation", were selected. Under the program leadership of Professor Hiroyuki Itami, the Graduate School of Commerce and Management, along with both the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy and the Institute of Innovation Research are also participating in this core program.

Program Plan Overview
Society develops through innovation, and the source of innovation is knowledge. Corporate systems not only play an important role creating knowledge but, in linking knowledge with innovation, also play a decisive role in embodying social change. The interactive dynamics between knowledge, corporate systems and innovation are both significant and the central theme of our core program.

As for the organizational frame of the core program’s three participating school institutions, each research group will establish domain-specific research units: Japanese Business Studies for the Graduate School of Commerce and Management; a Management of Knowledge Platform for the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy; and an Innovation Research Platform for the Center for Innovation Research. In this way each research entity can pursue the accumulation of highly specialized research in their individual disciplines. Simultaneously, additional systemic, structural and personnel research programs will be created to form a so-called domain-unit, cross-perspective matrix framework of intersecting research to further examine the interactive dynamics between the three domain-specific research units. 

Moreover, one of our main objectives is to also construct an intellectual infrastructure related to the dynamics of knowledge, corporate systems and innovation. For example, with the aim of achieving the systematic accumulation of basic information necessary for studying the dynamics of knowledge, corporate systems and innovation, i.e. compiling innovation and management databases and casebases, we will also focus our efforts, by offering both intellectual and financial support to graduate students and young researchers, on the training of the next generation of researchers.  More specifically, in addition to providing research-funding support for graduate students participating in either graduate school research or joint international research projects, we will also promote concrete programs for the training of young researchers.

Through the synthesized results of these activities, we aim to create a base of business research that is not only strategically communicable to the world-at-large but also exchangeable between business professionals; a stronghold of research best representing the “Face of Japan”.
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