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Research Interest
(1) Invention and innovation process. How does the efficiency of knowledge production process depend on the types of collaborations? How does competition for priority affect research process? What research environment is more conducive for serendipity? How is the knowledge spillover process controlled by a researcher and by a firm?
(2) The effects of the intellectual property rights (IPRs) on the incentive and efficiency of R&D. How high the patentability standard should be set? Should employee invention reward be fully delegated to private contracting? What constraints the market for technology? What would be appropriate standard for damage and the award of preliminary injunction? How the patent system be designed optimally to balance the pioneer and the follower incentive?
(3) Design of competition policy for promoting dynamic efficiency. How would competition policy best address the collaborative standard setting? How would competition policy take into account the effects of merger on innovation competition?
1990 Ph.D. (Economics) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1980 M.S. (Management) Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1975 B.E. (Engineering) University of Tokyo
Positions held
2004-2008 Director, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University
1997-present Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University
1996 Professor, Institute of Business Research, Hitotsubashi University
1992 Professor, Faculty of Economics, Seikei University
1990 Director of the Office for Russia and Eastern Europe, MITI
1986-1990 Economist, the World Bank
1975 Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan (MITI)

Major Publications
  • Sadao Nagaoka, “Assessing the R&D Management of a Firm in Terms of Speed and Science Linkage: Evidence from the US Patents,” Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Vol. 16, No. 1, Spring 2007, pp. 129-156
  • Sadao Nagaoka, “Determinants of the Introduction of Stock Options by Japanese Firms: Analysis from Incentive and Selection Perspectives,” Journal of Business, Vol. 78, No. 6, November 2005, pp. 2289-2315
  • Sadao Nagaoka, Akira Takeishi and Noro Yoshihisa, ”Determinants of Firm Boundaries: Empirical Analysis of the Japanese Auto Industry from 1984 to 2002,” Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, vol. 22, issue 2, pages 187-206,2008
Current research projects
  • (1) Invention and innovation process. I have been engaging in a number of research projects using the inventor survey in Japan: the determinants of R&D productivity, the market for technology, the patenting reasons, and knowledge sources for inventions.
  • (2) Patent system design. I have been undertaking both theoretical and empirical research on the patent system design: examination request system, research exemption, utility requirement, employee compensations, and continuations.
  • (3) R&&D management and firm performance I have been implementing a study on the diversification and R&&D performance of the Japanese firms, in comparison with US firms. I have also been studying the effects of M&&A and alliance on R&&D performance of firms.