Research Support and Fellowships

 ※Contents shown here are as of the 31st of March,2013 which is the final day of the GCOE Program.


  To encourage outstanding graduate students to carry out research projects at the Center, HJBS offers fellowships to support their efforts. In addition, the Center also provides research grants for post-doctoral students to extend their research at overseas research institutions; concurrently offering research grants for post-doctoral students from abroad to join in HJBS projects as well.


Research Supports

Under G-Coe Program, we make a grant for young researches to Ph. D. candidates every year.
Those who want to gain the grant should propose their research themes to the Committee according to the public announcement in April.
Those who will gain the grant should report their result of research activities at the meeting for research announcing the results in the end of the FY.
Three Ph.D. candidates in 2010
Two Ph. D. candidates in 2009
Five Ph. D. candidates in 2008


Fellowships for Post Doc Students

Postdoctoral Students will be dispatched the foreign institute as a Visiting Scholar for further study for the purpose of grinding their study.
One Postdoctoral Student in 2009
Sol C. Snider Entrepreneurial Research Center, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
July 31, 2009 until March 31, 2010.