Who We Are

  In 2003, with funding from The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology’s 21st century Center of Excellence (COE) initiative, The Hitotsubashi University Center for Japanese Business Studies (HJBS; hereafter the Center ) was founded by former Hitotsubashi University Professor Hiroyuki Itami. During the first five years of the COE Program period, the Center established a strong research infrastructure, which includes a carefully-constructed, original database with help from a network of Japanese companies who participate globally in business research programs. The Center has not only since organized international conferences, research workshops and meetings but also has produced a number of books, annuals, periodicals and research papers. Books, such as Organizational Deadweights, Matsushita’s Management Restructuring, and Comparative Research on US and Japanese Firms were published as outcomes of a series of research activities enriched by the intensely proactive communications with both the Japanese business-management community and the international research community.

  Tsuyoshi Numagami succeeded Professor Itami as the Center’s director and will direct the activities of the Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) program from 2008 onward. Together with Center members, i.e. faculty affiliates who work as navigators for a variety of projects, young GCOE fellows, research assistants and visiting members, the Center will continue to facilitate and operate its long-term research projects while further enlarging its overall span of activities. Positioned as the research hub of Hitotsubashi University, the Center also receives substantial support from friends of the university which, while providing young researchers with research fellowships, further encourages their access to not only Hitotsubashi University’s and other universities’ research infrastructures but also a rich network of affiliated, Japanese business firms.