Life at Hitotsubashi

Introduction of Faculty of Commerce and Management

Objectives of the Faculty of
Commerce and Management


The primary objective of the Faculty of Commerce and Management has remained unchanged since the founding of Hitotsubashi University over 150 years ago: We strive to foster world-class leaders of industry-what we call Captains of Industry. In order to achieve this, our curriculum cultivates not only a well-rounded education in business and commercial law, but also develops a cosmopolitan perspective and a practical frame of mind in our graduates.


It is the practical frame of mind that gives our graduates the edge
they need to lead in the business world. Modern business involves
much more than memorized business strategies and techniques:
only leaders capable of critical analysis and evaluation can get to
the root of problems that occur in a company and devise workable,
practical solutions to overcome these problems.


The seminar model of education is a longstanding, venerable
tradition in the Faculty of Commerce and Management.
Seminars are ideal for teaching specialized areas of expertise
and allow students to interact with their instructor in small groups,
enabling animated discussion and personalized peer and instructor
This highly interactive approach encourages students to delve
deeper into topics than would be possible in lecture halls and
results in true mastery of the subject matter.


The Faculty of Commerce and Management is proud to attract
more international students than any other school in Hitotsubashi University.
As close to half of all international students at Hitotsubashi University
choose to pursue studies at the Faculty of Commerce and Management,
the school provides a perfect opportunity to interact with scholars from
all over the world.
The school strives to encourage the exchange of ideas by enhancing
the communication skills of Japanese scholars so that they, too,
may take their place on the world stage. To this end, content programs
such as the Shibusawa Scholar Program cultivate 21st-century global leaders,
and communication programs such as the EDGE program promote modern
communication and interaction skills.

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