We foster captains of industrywho create value for businessand serve communities in Asia.





The school’s mission consists of 3 pillars: Leadership, Innovation, and Integrity. HUB's programs instils these three characteristics in its graduates through a balance of cutting-edge research, ground-breaking education, and adherence to strong ethical values.

The mission statement enshrines the school’s founding principles and goals. These goals guide and inform all aspects of the school’s operations as it strives to be a global university, embedded in and trusted by local communities. These goals are realized through a focus on the three pillars of our vision, which in turn are realized through the objectives set forth in our value statement.

A review of the history of Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Commerce and Management demonstrates the relevance of the school’s mission. The school was established as a center of education and research embracing the field of social science. Since its establishment, it has contributed to the development of Japan’s political and economic society by fostering graduates that possess a creative driving force, developed through the school’s liberal academic traditions. The school has produced numerous graduates who are indeed Captains of Industry, actively contributing to business and community life in Japan, the Asia-Pacific region, and across the world. The school’s standards of education and research are recognized nationally as being of the highest caliber. Thus, the school’s mission has provided the foundations upon which the school’s educational and academic achievements have been based.