Success as a global business leader requires advanced cosmopolitanism, profound awareness of real-life issues, and both passion and ambition to take the initiative in overcoming economic, social and corporate challenges. In order to select students with the potential to develop these qualities, we undertake a holistic evaluation of candidates’ capacity to think deeply, demonstrate strong awareness and understanding of real-life issues, communicate actively with those around them, and formulate new insights and approaches.

(added on 17th of April, 2018)
Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship students who are unable to study abroad for one year are not eligible because they do not meet the requirements for completion of the program.

(added on 24th of December, 2020)
SSP applicants cannot concurrently apply to Data Design Program.

(added on 1st of December, 2022)
The application for the 10th SSP (academic year 2023) is now open. Please check the application guidelines (available on CELS/manaba) and apply from the course page on manaba during the application period.

When to apply: From 9am on December 12(Mon) 2022 to 5pm on January 4th(Wed) 2023
Who can apply: 1st-year students in the Commerce and Management Faculty
Where to apply: manaba
"Global Leaders Program"(Course code:20181112)> "Assignments" > 「2023年度商学部SSP第10期生出願受付」

For applicaiton guideline and schedule, please click here. (in Japanese).

*Application documents are to be submitted on manaba. Results will be announced on the CELS bulletin board.
*Interviews are conducted in both Japanese and English. However, proficiency in Japanese/English conversation itself is not one of the evaluation criteria.
*Successful applicants are selected on the basis of a holistic evaluation of submitted documents, interview, and academic record in the first year of undergraduate studies.

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